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Custom description on Sharing

While sharing on face book, we would see description of the page being shared. Now, Blogger added a feature of making that description to be in the way you wish.

This articles has two sections,
  1. How to enable Search Description?
  2. How to add custom description?
How to enable Search Description?
  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences
  2. Under Meta Tags > Click "Edit" on Description
  3. Change to "Yes" from "No" and add a description to your blog.
  4. Save Changes.
How to add custom description?
  1. Go to Dashboard > Post List
  2. Click on the search description
  3. Now add the description as you require.
  4. Click Done > Update
  5. Now try sharing.
Even after enabling & adding custom search description, if you could not see the change happening while sharing on facebook, you might want to try out the facebook open graph object debugger.


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    Blogger description confusions

    Blogger, like the language confusions have one more confusion with respect to Blog description. We have two descriptions setup in Blogger.

    Blog display description.Blog search description.Display Description is the description that appears when you visit your blog in the header under your blog title. For example, you could see the description of my blog,

    Who Is Lookup

    Again as a part of Custom Domain Troubleshooting, we do Who Is lookup which gives us a handful of information.

    What is Who Is Lookup?

    Who Is lookup gives exactly what the name means. "Who Is". In addition to Who Is, this will give few useful information like,
    Registrar InformationRegistered date and expiry information and so on.

    How to do Who Is Lookup?