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Blogger custom domain confusions - Check before you buy

In the Blogger community forum, I happened to help a user who was not able to publish their blogspot address to their custom domain. After doing all the debugging, there was no option left out but to contact Google and finally we have known what the problem is.

The problem was that the URL was not available for use in blogger. 
Here on, before spending money on buying a domain, please ensure blogger allows it.
Why isn't the custom domain available to buy but not available to use on Blogger?
That'd be the first question every user would ask or think to ask. Unfortunately reason is un-disclosed by Blogger themselves. 

So how do we know if a domain is available at Blogger or not?
Earlier, there used to be no way we could do this as Blogger would throw a more generic error like below,
Now, we get a more customised error for this particular case alone like below,
So, here on, before spending money on buying a domain, please try publishing your blog in the domain name you are planning to buy so that you can know for sure Blogger allows it.


  1. I'm new here everyone, please give me some help

    1. Hi there,

      We could definitely get you the help you need. Please do post your query at the Blogger Help Forum. =>

  2. This is really a nice and needy article everyone should know. Thanks for writing it up.

  3. 22-6-2020 I connected a personal domain.
    there were no difficulties.

    1. Hi there,

      Could you please go ahead and create a new support thread at Blogger help community?

      We can sort this out there. Thank you.

  4. But why was actually blogger not permitting that domain, if it was purchased by me?

    1. Unfortunately, that is not revealed by Blogger to the public. We just know this could happen.

  5. That is correct, keep it up coming together is good through togetherness we will achieved success.

  6. Hi, Blogger is really nice .Even we can create simple static website (multiple pages!!).We can't do some other advance things but it is awesome because we just need money to spend for domains.

    1. That's the whole idea of Blogger. Server less websites.

  7. I just started my blog again after many years away, when I noticed the BLOGGER card in my Google Dashboard indicating I had one active blog. As soon as I navigated to my old blog, I was met with a sweet pop up (opt-in) offering "Get a custom domain for your blog"
    I was able to search for a domain name from within the Pop Up, and bingo, was available. I clicked to buy the domain, still within the Pop Up and purchased, then it was applied to my blog and live within 2 mins with HTTPS. So sweet, for someone who works with WordPress and other platforms all day, this was so great to find.

    So, I guess I am just testifying that Google's domain service for Blogger works a treat.

    1. I am glad to know the setup was a cake walk. I guess that's what makes Blogger standout. No big deal to code. You can just setup everything and start writing. Happy blogging :-)


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