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Blogger in Draft says "Try the new Blogger!"

It's been long time that I wrote something here. Interestingly there seems to be a new update in Blogger in Draft (
Try the new Blogger! - at the bottom right

Clicking on it, Blogger shows a popup stating,
Blogger is gradually introducing some fresh pages that work well on mobile. Keep an eye in the coming months as these are rolled out. To start, check out Stats, Comments, and Theme
You click on Continue and it redirects. After redirect you get the all new UI. However the point to notice is, it lands in the Stats page.

Stats section - New UI

So, what's new about this UI? Just a couple of re-alignments, I thought. And then I happened to notice the hamburger icon on the top left near Blogger logo.

Clicking on it, the menu got hidden and then it occurred to me that there's really more to look into. So I made a resize to mobile width to see this,

Responsive UI of Stats section

Menu in Mobile view

So this is it guys, since Blogger has already launched new themes in Responsive UI during the past years, looks like they've been working on bringing Blogger mobile view.

Now this is getting more exciting.

Is it just Stats page that got the smart responsive UI?
Not just Stats.  Stats and Comments for now seems to have the new UI while the other sections remain the same.

How do I revert to classic UI?
First of all, it's a cool UI and works pretty much fine to my knowledge. So, no need for reverting. If it's really required, blogger has "Back to Classic Blogger" button at the bottom of the menu.

Please note that, this button is available only in Stats and Comments section which has got the new UI.

Being all that said, I and more other Blogger users will be happy to know that Blogger is slowly supporting mobile friendly UI. I am really excited and is looking forward to see the whole of Blogger moving to new section. Are you?

Kudos, Blogger team!

P.S: I am not going to take this more detailed as we have one other PE who has drafted it nicely. Please read -> Try out the new mobile-friendly Blogger! -


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Common issues where custom domain is involved.

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This article is dedicated to +Chuck Croll  who has been/is a great mentor to me  since the beginning.

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