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How to change the number of posts in the home page

How do I alter the number of posts in home page has been a question in blogger since long time ago. So there are two ways in which the number of posts per page can be defined.
  1. Number of posts
  2. Number of days
Number of posts
  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Posts, comments and sharing 
  2. Under Posts > Show at most
  3. Provide Number of posts to appear as number
  4. In the drop down between Days and Posts choose Posts.
  5. Save settings.
So now, you might see the number of posts you provided in the text box appearing on the home page.

Number of days
  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Posts, comments and sharing 
  2. Under Posts > Show at most
  3. Provide posts of the number of days that should appear on home page.
  4. For example, if I want posts from past 10 days to appear on this page, I would give 10.
  5. In the drop down between Days and Posts choose Days.
  6. Save settings.
So now, you might see posts from past 10 days to appearing on the homepage. 

Usual complaints?
  1. I do not see the selected number of posts appearing.
  2. Show at most for Number of posts not working.

Checking if settings are proper
  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Posts, comments and sharing
  2. Under Posts > Show at most
  3. Check if you have chosen Posts or Days.
Checking for number of posts
  1. Number of posts settings isn't a magic thing to create posts on its own.
  2. Kindly check if you have posts greater than or equal to the number you have entered in settings.


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Blogger profile confusions

Since Google has closed it's social networking service called the Google+ for consumers, few products has some effect on it. One of them is our very own blogger.

We could see that update notification in our blogger dashboard as below,

Besides from the things gone as mentioned in Blogger's official blog post here -> An update on Google+ and Blogger, we have a confusion on profile that needs to be clarified. That is the reason why I am writing this down.

There are now two profiles,

Blogger profileGoogle profileBlogger profile - Where does this appear?
This appears in all of your blogs if you have your profile gadget added. You can see that on this blog in the top right, How do I update this profile? Go to blogger.comNavigate to Settings > User settingsClick Edit under Blogger in User profile sectionYou'll be navigated to where you can edit your profile that appears on the blog.Google profile - Where does this appear?
This appears in…

Common issues where custom domain is involved.

In BHF, one of the common issues we face is setting up custom domain. We already have a lot of information on how to setup a custom domain. So I am going to go ahead and write on the troubleshooting tips for custom domain.

This article is dedicated to +Chuck Croll  who has been/is a great mentor to me  since the beginning.

So let's start with the first and foremost golden rule of Custom domain troubleshooting.
Any issue where you have custom domains involved, first check if the custom domain is setup properly.

DWI - Not all the time "Authoritative" helps

We already saw the common issues when custom domain is involved where we saw a tool called DWI - Dig Web Interface which will help us get DNS records of a particular domain.

Today while coming across a forum thread, got to notice a strange thing ever. It's not the first time however. If you refer the article about corrupted DNS, the blog URL used had similar issue.

It is normally recommended to use "Authoritative" under Name servers when digging a domain. However this doesn't always workout.