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Blogger HTTPS for custom domain and Cloudflare

In BHF, there was a recent issue related to cloudflare where the browser screams the site is a phishing site. So I thought of writing up how does a service like cloudflare affect your blogger blog.

What is Cloudflare?

Well we have that written all over Wikipedia. Let's go on with why Blogger users look for Cloudflare.
Anciently Blogger users used cloudflare for one simple reason. HTTPS for custom domains.

So what happens when you introduce cloudflare into your domain?
DNS Redirect.
Your custom domain will be configured with the proxy info provided by cloudflare and when the request is hit, DNS redirect happens.
DNS redirect is bad for the site's health. A number of reasons, but the most important is that some browsers, when it detects a DNS redirection, it thinks that it is a phishing site.

What is a DNS redirect?

I am trying to explain this in easy terms. I'll try not to be too technical. When a custom domain URL is hit, usually the domain requests go to Name servers from w…

Custom description on Sharing

While sharing on face book, we would see description of the page being shared. Now, Blogger added a feature of making that description to be in the way you wish.

This articles has two sections,
How to enable Search Description?How to add custom description?

How to use anyother Language using Azhagi?

In this article, I am going to tell "How to use multiple languages in Internet?," with a free ware called "Azhagi."
Download Azhagi software from here and install it.
Now open it. You will find a button "Unicode Editor."
Click on it. You will be opened up with another window.

How to create home page with no posts and pages categorized?

Adjust the number of posts to appear in home page and make 0 posts in home page.Install a HTML/Java Script and in its content add the content you want to display in your blog's home page.
Go to Page Elements. Click "Add a gadget"In the appearing window scroll for "HTML/Java Script" and click on it.Here is where the home page content should be there.Still you should alter the pages gadget to categorize the posts.  This is the idea of +Chuck Croll

Creating a Virtual Home Page.

First create a Stand alone Page. This stand alone page is going to be your virtual home page. So, see to that its contents are related to the home page you dreamed. Now redirect your home page to the static page using Search Preferences.You are half done. Now whenever you type your blog URL, it will automatically redirect to the virtual, stand alone home page.Still you should alter the pages gadget to categorize the posts.When you remove the redirect that you made in step #2 your blog comes back to normal position and you can hide the virtual home page by removing codes that you added in step #4

How to create a Page?

New Blogger Interface helps you to create two kinds of Pages.
Stand alone page that has the link with respect to your blog. This kind of page is also called "Static page." To create a stand alone page you go to Dashboard > Pages > New PageLink to page outside your blog. Dashboard > Pages > New Page > Link. This will redirect users to the added link when you click on the page tab.

Finding Something.

In the Internet world, To Find something in a web page has been an essential thing. So? This article explains you how to find something.
The most common things to find may be a code or a word/sentence.
To find a given code or word, what you need to do, Just Copythe sentence/word/code Press Ctrl + F. Paste the code/word/sentence. The browser will Highlight your find query.

Transferring Blogspot blogs

I often see this issue in GPF-Blogger:How do I?. Transferring Blogspot Blogs from one mail ID to another.

Note: The Old UI is gone long ago and we have only New UI.

Make sure that both Mail accounts are associated with
Use Mozilla browser(say). Login to blogger account from which the blogspot blogs should be transferred.Go to :-
Settings => Permissions => Add Authors => Give the m@il Id of the account to which the blogspot blog should be transferred => Invite [Old UI] Settings => Basic(if necessary) => +Add Authors => Give the m@il Id of the account to which the blogspot blog should be transferred => Invite authors [New UI] Now, use another browser(say Chrome) and login to the mail of the blogger account whom you invited in the previous step and accept the author invitation. This is the account to which the blogspot blog should be transferred.

How to connect any other profile in "About me" widget?

In this article I am going to tell "How to connect any other profile in "About me" widget along with blogger or Google+?"