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How to see dynamic views without Changing to dynamic template?

In this article. am gonna tell, how to view the dynamic templates of your blogger blog without applying them.

Step 1 : Type your blog URL in the address bar. For example, is of a non-dynamic template, by default)

Step 2 : After the slash there, near the .com type the following, " view/magazine." Now the URL you typed will be something like this,

Step 3: After typing press Enter. The non - dynamic template which you have as default in the blog will appear as a dynamic template blog. Simple.

The views available,
  1. Classic(
  2. Flipcard(
  3. Magazine(
  4. Mosaic(
  5. Sidebar(
  6. Snapshot(
  7. Timeslide(


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Who Is Lookup

Again as a part of Custom Domain Troubleshooting, we do Who Is lookup which gives us a handful of information.

What is Who Is Lookup?

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