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Blogger description confusions

Blogger, like the language confusions have one more confusion with respect to Blog description. We have two descriptions setup in Blogger. Blog display description. Blog search description. Display Description is the description that appears when you visit your blog in the header under your blog title. For example, you could see the description of my blog,

Meet a spammer

Let me start by a warning, This blogpost has nothing to do with  howtoblog  and is a story of a spammer. Years ago we had to face a spammer in the forum(Probably during Pistachio?) who was very persistent. He was a link dropping spammer who kept sharing his blog URL under every reply in the forum and somewhere to his blogposts which merely had instructions from Blogger Help Centre . It went as, Thanks and Regards, HIS NAME HIS BLOG URL Probably it was so difficult for TCs to make him go away as I happened to see him for months, spamming in the forum and one fine day he disappeared and never returned. I happened to find him and interview him which I am writing down here,

Blogger Language Confusions

The Blogger help community, recently had an issue where there was a great confusion on Blogger Platform language and Blogger Blog language . So I decided to go ahead and write in detail about it. There are two important terms here to begin with, Blogger Platform Blogger Blog Blogger Platform is what you see when you go to Blogger platform. The operating system that helps you write and manage your blogs on Blogger.  That is what I see when I go to my Blogger Platform, Blogger Blog is what you see when you go to the URL of the blog you created and is managing at Blogger Platform . My Blogger Blog URL is which will show me my blog as below, That said, let's discuss about the language confusions. Blogger Platform language is the language you would see when you go to . This language earlier was preferable specifically for blogger. (i.e) You can have a separate language chosen for Blogger platform irrespecti