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Related posts

So, In the BHF we had an user who came up with this idea of having related posts link under all posts: [MaapsWorld] How to use Lambda expression . Therefore I planned to add some salt and pepper to it and write an article on it. When it comes to related posts, first thing is that there is no way of automating this one easily. So we'll have half automation and half manual works on maintaining this gadget. The steps in implementing this gadget is split into three, Creating posts with proper Labels . Altering XML Updating(if in case).

Blogger & Facebook OG object debugger

Facebook or any network that gets your URL and displays preview, actually scrapes the URL through a system developed by Facebook called the open graph. They might look something like this in the page's source, <meta content='' property=' og:url '/> <meta content='Blogger & Facebook OG object debugger' property=' og:title '/> <meta content='My Facebook preview shows incorrect information. How to fix?' property=' og:description '/> Therefore, while sharing a link for the first time on facebook, the object debugger stores meta information like these in its cache so when you share again, instead of scraping the URL, it takes from its own cache. After a while, when the cache expires, it scrapes again. So a shared URL even upon changing the description/image/title, does not get affected immediately. It doesn't mean, there's no ot