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Significance of buying a domain.

First , When we use a blogspot URL our audience may find difficult to remember(sometimes). Why do they feel difficult to remember? My custom domain URL is :- My blogspot domain URL is :- When I am on a custom domain, It eliminates the user to remember blogspot in the middle. Remembering a word may make our visitors frustrate that “ Ah! How can I remember such a big/lengthy URL? ” ( :P ) Second , due to blogspot’s CC TLD aliases, when you are on a custom domain, people won’t get worried/confused/tensed what the blog URL is actually? Third , You can have your own mail ID like where, you can manually gain traffic to your blog. How come? When you share your domain mail ID in your resume, surveys and etc., people see as a different mail provider and they try going to the URL. This really increases the traffic. Fourth , Simply you can tell peopl

Finding Something.

In the Internet world, To Find something in a web page has been an essential thing. So? This article explains you how to find something. The most common things to find may be a code or a word/sentence. To find a given code or word, what you need to do, Just Copy the sentence/word/code Press Ctrl + F. Paste the code/word/sentence. The browser will Highlight your find query.